Riverside Baptist Church aims to tell people about the great assurance we have in eternal life in Heaven and the reassurance we have in living with and for God here on Earth. We also desire to help people in the name of Jesus because He commands His followers to love God and love their neighbors. 

We are conservative Southern Baptists.  That means, among other things, that we believe the Bible is the Word of God without error.  We do acknowledge that Christians of good conscience can disagree on certain matters and remain Christians saved by Jesus Christ.  However, we hold the essentials under "what it means to be a Christian" necessary for genuine salvation and right relations with God.

We believe that Jesus is God the Son, the second person in the divine Trinity.  Jesus became a human being and was born to a virgin, conceived by the Holy Spirit of God.  He lived without sin, and He died as a substitute for any person who believes in Him.  Because He died in our place, we who trust Him and have repented of our sins no longer stand in judgment by God.  We are not superior people or morally better than anyone else; we are simply saved by Jesus' act of mercy.  Salvation from our sins and the hell that we deserve is a free gift given by God.

As Southern Baptist, we hold that each individual is responsible for accepting or rejecting Jesus' offer of Salvation; it cannot be done on behalf of someone else or inherited through family ties to a church.  Each individual believer should be baptized (by immersion if possible) after making his/her own public profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  Our church is autonomous and self-governed through democratic processes by her members.