Has your spiritual life grown cold?  Do you feel like your prayers just bounce off of the ceiling?  Has attending church and prayer begun to feel like going through the motions?


If so, then join Riverside Baptist Church and Salem Baptist Church for our Spring Revival services.  Our theme is returning to our first love and rekindling the passion in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our revival meetings will feature traditional hymns, Bible-based preaching, and a focus on the glories of our Heavenly Father and His most gracious son, Jesus. 


Pastor Jason Davis of Riverside will preach at Salem during the first two nights of the Revival.  Pastor Jim Richland of Salem will preach the 3rd night (Tuesday) at Riverside.  The final night, Wed, will be a celebration through music following supper at Riverside Baptist.  Supper will start at 6 on Wed.

2019 Joint Revival2019 Joint Revival