Starting March 22, Riverside is providing more audio than just the sermon.  Below the date of the service you'll find Announcements and prayer requests, special music, and the sermon.

Service for 3.29.2020

            Video of Announcements and Prayer updates:  




"Triumphal Entry audio only (MP3)"


Service for 3.22.2020 

                Announcements and Prayer Requests

                Tithing and Intro of Song

                Ken Bateman singing "God Bless America"

                Sermon from John 11  "Lazarus"


Sermon from 3.1.2020 "Sound the Alarm" from Ezekiel 33:1-9


Sermon from 3.8.2020 "Hell is Real" from Luke 16:19-31


Sermon for 3.15.2020 "Rich Young Ruler" from Mark 10:17-27